Four years. Plenty can be accomplished in that amount of time. You can go to college, get a degree, and start your career all in a four year span. It feels like a long time when looking at it as an object of the future.

But it’s not a long time.

In the time between August 2009 and June 2013, I did all of those things. It had been the most successful time period of my life thus far.

Fast forward four more years. It’s now June 2017 and I just hit my four year mark at the same job. It wasn’t fun anymore, I lost my passion for it, and, most importantly, it wasn’t  what I wanted to be doing. That four years flew by and I had made no significant strides toward my goals.

So I quit.

I quit my first job in video production to start this. I’ve always had a dream to be a filmmaker. Making films of some kind to entertain people and serve some sort of purpose. Capturing photos that people want as their iPhone wallpaper or want to hang on their wall. These are dreams that some people have and give up on.

Quitting my job was Step #1 toward my dreams. Let’s see what the next four years have to offer.

– Trevor


When you’re a creator, you don’t need someone in your ear telling you what you can and can’t do.”

– Casey Neistat